About Woodbury School

Woodbury School is proud of its country character and its provision of
a well-balanced education in a friendly and supportive community environment.

We are situated 8 kms inland from Geraldine, close to the Four Peaks range. We are a Year 1-6 school and a contributing school to the Geraldine High School.

Our school is a country school and we provide a challenging top class education for our
children based on the New Zealand curriculum. Our teachers are well qualified, dedicated and are experienced in multi-class teaching. The integrated curriculum approach is used throughout the school and is planned specifically to encourage the children to be responsible for their own learning through inquiry thinking.

Individual learning is a focus of our school. Children are ability grouped for Reading, Writing and Mathematics. We have a strong learning support programme both for more able students and those needing extra help.

We are a well-resourced school with a good library and an excellent range of teaching materials. Each class has internet facilities and children have access to digital cameras and video.
The school grounds are planted with a mixture of old established trees and New Zealand natives, making it a pleasant place for the children to play and socialise. Features include an extensive playground with a large plantation for creative play, a challenging  "low level" ropes course and a covered swimming pool. The tennis/basketball court area has a volley board constructed at one end. A new playground and swings have recently been added.

A family atmosphere
prevails throughout the school and parents are encouraged to have involvement in all school activities. Annual events include a Flower and Craft Show, Pet Show, Swimming Sports/Triathlon, Cross Country, Athletic Sports, and the Celebration
of learning which is well-supported by the whole community. Open days are held throughout the year giving children the opportunity to share their work with their families.
Each year we have a senior camp which is based round the integrated theme for that term. As an example, a recent camp in Central Otago allowed our seniors to explore our pioneer heritage and culture, which related to curriculum themes for the year as well as our school production.