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Enrolment Zone - Woodbury School

In 2015, the Secretary of Education formally notified Woodbury School that it was required to establish an enrolment scheme to avoid future overcrowding. This requirement was due to the strong and rapid growth in the Woodbury School roll in the last few years and the fact that the Ministry would not fund the development of any additional classrooms beyond that already approved. The Ministry capped the school’s enrolment at a maximum of 110 students.


After a consultation process, this enrolment scheme came into effect in June 2016

A written description of our enrolment zone is detailed below. To confirm your eligibility to enrol as an "in-zone" enrolment, please contact the school office by telephoning (03) 692 2817

Maximum Roll

The maximum roll in any one year will be governed by the organisation of the classes as determined by the Principal, in consultation with the Board.

Home Zone

The geographic area described in the scheme shall stand fast and shall operate as the school’s home zone, under section 11D of the Education Act 1989. All students who live within the home zone described below shall be entitled to enrol at the school.


Proposed Enrolement Zone

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The Woodbury School Enrolment Scheme Boundaries

Description of the proposed Woodbury School enrolment zone is as follows:

·     Beginning at the far end of Orari River Road  (S) to Sowerby Road

Ø Sowerby Road (NE) to Blair Road

Ø Blair Road (S) to North Boundary Road

Ø North Boundary Road (SE) to Pratt Road

Ø Pratt Road (S) to Arundel / Rangitata Road

Ø Arundel / Rangitata Road (s) to SH 1

Ø SH1 (W) to Vance Road

Ø Vance Road (W) to Racecourse Road

Ø Racecourse Road (N) to Orari Back Road

Ø Orari Back Road (N) to Bennett Road

Ø Bennett Road (W) to Woodbury Road (at Honey Corner)

Ø Woodbury Road (W) to Sercombe Road

Ø Sercombe Road (N) to McKeown Road

Ø McKeown Road (W) to Pleasant Valley Road

Ø Pleasant Valley Road (S) to School Road

Ø School Road (S) to Te Moana Road

Ø Te Moana Road (N) to Woodside Road

Ø Woodside Road (W) to Slacks Valley Road

Ø Slacks Valley Road (SW) to Geraldine / Fairlie Highway

Ø Geraldine / Fairlie Highway (W) to Maslin Road

Ø Maslin Road (N) to McIntosh Road

Ø McIntosh Road cross-country (N) to top end of Orari River Road.


Proof of residence within the home zone will be required 


Out of Zone Enrolments

Each year the Board will determine the number of places which are likely to be available in the following year for the enrolment of students who live outside the home zone. The Board will publish this information by a notice in a daily or community newspaper circulating in the area served by the school. The notice will indicate how applications are to be made and will specify a date by which all applications must be received.

Priorities For Enrolment

Acceptance for enrolment will be determined by:

·         First Priority: Students whose usual place of residence is within the geographical zone detailed in the Woodbury School Enrolment Scheme.

·         Second Priority: Siblings of students currently enrolled at Woodbury School but who do not qualify under priority one and children of staff members.

·         Third Priority: Siblings of former students.

·         Fourth Priority: Children of former students.

·         Fifth Priority: Children of Board employees or Board Members.

·         Sixth Priority: All other students.