School Hours

9:00am - 2:40pm. The children have a 10-minute milk and mini-break at 10.10am.

Morning break is from 11.10 - 11.30am and lunch is from 12.30 -1.10pm.

Afternoon school finishes at 2.40pm and the buses leave at 2.45pm.



Woodbury School operates its own bus, which covers two runs within our zone. The first bus run arrives at 8.15am and the last bus run leaves at 3.15pm.  The Bus Controller is Becky Talbot. We also privately contract Ritchies, which leaves George Street, Geraldine at 8.30am, and leaves school at 2.45pm.  Parents do contribute to the costs of the Ritchies bus.           



Our school has blue Woodbury School T-shirts which are used on special occasions and may also be worn to school on a daily basis if you wish. Each child must purchase a shirt. Enquire at school for retailer. We also require children to wear a red broad brimmed sun hat. Enquire at school for retailer.

Food and drink

Children bring a small snack for brain break at 10.10am, another snack for mid-morning interval, and a packed lunch. We have an oven for 'heat-ups' so food items suitably wrapped or packaged, and named, can be placed in a conventional oven at interval and are ready at lunchtime. Children should bring their own named water bottles, which can be filled up at the drinking fountains in the school grounds. We are a rubbish free school, so all lunch rubbish comes home in the child's lunchbox.


The school newsletter comes out every 2nd Wednesday and is sent to all parents, and to the wider community via email attachment. It is also available on this website.


There is a system in place to follow up child absences. Any absences should be reported to the school office by the parent or care-giver. If a child is not at school and no notification has been received when the morning roll is taken, the follow-up absences process begins immediately. Also, any change to a child's usual transport arrangements to and from school should also be notified (eg, being picked up by grandmother today so not on bus). Please ring school, or email the office, or write a note - it is not enough to ask your child to pass a message on. These procedures are strictly adhered to in the interests of your child's welfare and safety.


Support Services

The school has a number of contact agencies we use if your child needs emotional, behavioural or academic support. Please contact the principal if you feel your child needs further support.

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