Woodbury School Support Group (WSSG)

The WSSG is a group of dedicated parents who are committed to providing the students of Woodbury School with the best resources and environment in which to learn and to grow.

We organise a variety of fundraising events each year, including our annual pea-straw fundraiser, the "Woodbury Hill Country Challenge" bike and run event, a Woodbury community ball, and several other initiatives.

We are a social group, who enjoy activities that bring the community together and love to see our children benefit from the funds we raise.

In 2018 we have carried out working bees to enhance the school, provided funding for a fourth teacher aide for in-class support, purchased PE equipment and a range of ICT equipment including a projector and screen, new sound system, laptops and iPads. We also run discos for the students, not as fundraisers but simply so the children can have fun.

We welcome all parents and caregivers at Woodbury School to our meetings. Check out our Facebook Page for information or to make contact.

Jane Robb

Chairperson, WSSG 


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559 Woodbury Road

Woodbury RD21 Geraldine